Friday, 12 February 2010

Home Access Programme

IMPORTANT- The home access grant officially works on a first come first serve basis, the scheme ends  February 2011 or when the money runs out, the advisor I spoke to said it would probably end sooner.  It is important to get your applications in early if you qualify for the scheme and want to take advantage of getting a free PC.  Click on the websites below to see if you qualify.

The Home Access Programme is designed to provide your child a chance to have an equal opportunity to get on in school, by providing them with a free internet-ready computer or laptop.
The Government’s vision for the programme, as set out by Diana Johnson, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, is that "Home Access aims to provide practical and financial support to low-income families who may not be able to afford a computer or the internet. We will support these families to ensure that the educational and social benefits of 21st century technology are available to them."
From the end of December 2009, the government will be providing grants to enable eligible families to buy a laptop or desktop computer, complete with a year’s broadband internet connectivity, software tools including normal office tools, tools to protect children whilst they are using the internet, and technical support for a year.

If you think you could be eligible for a grant, go to or phone the Home Access Grant line on 0333 200 1004.  The Homeaccess Grant Line will help you fill in the forms if you have any problems.

If you would like further information on BLi Education's Home Access packages, please call 0800 2585 990 to speak to an adviser.

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