Wednesday, 10 February 2010

CPD sessions for Teachers

Vital is a new approach to ICT CPD. It is an innovative professional development programme which aims to support schools in England to make the most of ICT in their teaching.

Vital, alongside other CPD providers, agencies and employers, will work with specialist technology teachers (of IT, Computing and ICT), as well as all practitioners seeking to use ICT to enhance learning across the curriculum. Vital is open to all staff in schools and sixth form colleges across England, and will support the development of a range of forms of ICT CPD. These include courses, more informal CPD activities (which we call '15 minute CPD'), and peer-peer interaction.

Vital is underpinned by a belief in supporting educational professionals to share their expertise and reclaim ownership of teaching as a discipline. We recognise that the only way we can succeed in our mission is to work with the profession, other providers and the wider community.

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